Daniela Cristina CERNEGA

Senior Lecturer
PhD: Control of Discrete Event Dynamical Systems Applied to Assembly and Flexible Manufacturing Systems
        (June 2000)
BEng - Politechnical Institute of Bucharest, Faculty of Control Engineering and Computers (1986)

        +40 36 460182
        +40 36 460182
        Room 507, Y


Digital Controllers, Electronics and Control Engineering, Modelling and Simulation.

Research Interests

Dynamic Discrete Event Systems, Hybrid Systems.


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V. Minzu, D. Cernega and A. Bratcu – Tasks-to-Workstations Assignment Using a Stochastic Descent Algorithm, ISoCE ’98 – First International Symposium On Concurrent Enterprising, Sinaia, ROMANIA, June 4-5 1998.

D.C. Cernega, A. Bratcu - Design of a Discrete Event Based Supervisor for Continuous Processes, IFAC Symposium “Large Scale Systems: Theory & Applications” - LSS’98, Patras, GREECE, July 15-17 1998, p. 59-64.

V. Minzu, D.Cernega, A. Bratcu – A Stochastic Algorithm for Treating the Precedence Constraints In Discrete Optimization Problems, SIMSIS10 ’98 – The 10th Symposium On Modelling, simulation and Identification of Systems, Galati, ROMANIA, October 23-24, 1998, p. 78-84.

D. Cernega, A. Bratcu, V. Minzu – On Discrete Event Based Control of Continuous Processes, SIMSIS10 ’98 – The 10th Symposium On Modelling, Simulation and Identification of Systems, Galati, ROMANIA, October 23-24, 1998, p. 138-144.

D. Cernega , V Minzu - Assembly Workstation Control Using Supervisory Technique, CSCS'12 -12th  International Conference on Control Systems and Computer Science, Bucarest, ROMÂNIA, May 26-29, 1999 pp 301-307

D. Cernega and V. Minzu - Assembly Workstation Supervisory Control Technique, accepted for IMACS-IEEE Multiconference on Circuits, Systems, Computers and Commnunications, Athens, GREECE, July 4-8, 1999

V. Minzu and D. Cernega - Supervisory Control Technique for Assembly Workstation, ISATP'99, Porto, PORTUGAL,  July 24 - 28 1999

This information provided by D.Cernega; July 2000.